Clean Slate Apps

We started out by having a brain storming session about what services or products our company would be able to provide, given our skill sets.   I had the idea of creating custom Android based OS’s for parents who wish to keep track of young kids.  We’d be able to offer more security and better functionality than can be provided with just an app.  I thought this would be a good idea as we could easily branch out into the smartphone anti-virus market.  After a group discussion my idea was not ultimately chosen.

Our business, Clean Slate Apps, would create apps targeted at teaching young children about hygiene.  We would use Gamification to make mundane tasks, such as brushing teeth, getting dressed, etc. more engaging and rewarding.  As time passes the child would have to repeat the task more than once before being rewarded.  This way good practices would soon become good habits that they will keep up.  Once we had built up a following we would be able to expand into the educational games market.

I was in charge of making the revenue projections.  The existence of incubation centres for start-ups would provide us with access to office space for a relatively small fee.  Thanks to living together we were able to further decrease our own salaries.  I factored in three months with no sales as we developed our first apps.  Having searched for the average salary of an app developer, it was shown as falling within a certain range, from €1,200 – €3,600 euro a month.  Over the next two years I slowly increased what I expected each of the three business partners to draw in.  While the first few quarters had us making a loss, with very conservative estimates we should still be able make a profit by the end of our first year.

You can view our presentation on the business plan here. The executive summary is here.

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